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A Big Thank
Dear Colleagues and Partners,

Let me express my gratitude for all who have contributed to the success of ATMF 13 in Tunis, April 12th to 14th, 2018. The event was very interesting, included up to date topics, very efficient speakers, and was professionally organized.

My thanks to Prof. SlamaHmida, the congress president, the local scientific & organizing committees for a great job. It is also acknowledged that many of the colleagues working in the field of transfusion medicine joined from several countries of the Arab speaking countries as well as others. They have shared their experiences and actively interacted in the discussions…

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The A T M F Back to Tunisia
The ATM Forum and i ts ATMCourse number 13

Reanimation in Agadir in 2014, covery in Cairo in 2015, and now ful l recovery in Tunis in 2018

Our perseverance in getting together, regardless of our worries and concerns, is a clear evidence that our conviction with our values aim to improve the welfare of our communities and the quality of the services given to our fellow citizens. It is also a reassuring indication that our professional bond is able to overcome, with resolve, all the difficulties that our region is going through.

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